AnalytiCare brings the latest techniques from technology forward industries and applies them to the complexity and scale of Longitudinal Healthcare Data
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How We Do It

By applying a hybrid of standard commercial and proprietary technologies wrapped with proprietary integration and experience, AnalytiCare provides Data and Services using a Software as a Services (SaaS) Model. There is no software to install or hardware to support. We deliver through a standard web browser for on-line products and in standard formats for data cohorts

AnalytiCare has developed a platform, which supports 3 distinct levels of business intelligence:
  1. Data Warehousing: AnalytiCare uses the latest and most robust techniques to manage the large complex data sets of Long Term Care. Exceptional recentcy is maintained with powerful and prompt ETL processes

  2. Reporting: AnalytiCare provides flexible user driven, parameterized reporting tools. Users can create their own reports from a flexible on-line reporting engine to satisfy their queries without programming or IT involvement

  3. Discovery: AnalytiCare has developed powerful technology for discovering outcomes, optimizations, patterns and unseen correlations

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