long term care: security
AnalytiCare takes extreme measures to protect the security of customer data
If you have any questions in regards to AnalytiCare’s privacy and security policies please contact:

AnalytiCare Privacy Officer
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Analyticare Security

Statement of Privacy and Security

In the course of performing data management, aggregation, analysis, and reporting functions, AnalytiCare, LLC may receive data that contains sensitive and/or protected health information (PHI). Sensitive information is information that a company may contractually indicate is confidential to their business. PHI is individually identifiable health information related to an individual's past, present or future health condition or to the provision, or payment for provision, of health care to the individual. HIPAA establishes regulatory requirements related to PHI.

It is the policy of AnalytiCare to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of all data provided to it and to abide by all contractual obligations, laws and regulations governing such actions. AnalytiCare has developed policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance.

Specific policies include:
  • All electronic data shall be maintained in the strictest confidence and appropriate security measures shall be taken to maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ data including, without limitation, password protecting all computers on which customer data is stored and encrypting customer electronic data with such level of encryption as meets industry standards in the data management industry.
  • Only employees who require access to the sensitive or PHI data to perform their duties will have access to the data, and only to the data necessary to perform their duties.
  • All sensitive and PHI data will be encrypted on AnalytiCare machines, wireless networks and external devices and all machines will have strict access controls.
  • Any data transferred between AnalytiCare and its customers will be encrypted and password protected. The preferred mechanism of transferring data will be secure FTP.
  • To the extent any customer data is stored on any AnalytiCare servers, such data shall also be encrypted and protected with such security measures, including, without limitation, firewalls, as meet industry standards in the data management industry.
  • All data in any format shall be secured such as to prevent access by individuals not employed by AnalytiCare.
  • Any laptop that has customer data on it has an automatic destroy mechanism should the laptop be stolen or lost.

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