Long Term Care has the only consistent healthcare data sets, which are used across all Residents. Only AnalytiCare can combine Minimum Data Set (MDS), Pharmacy Dispensing Data, Laboratory Results and other data into a 360-degree LONGITUDINALLY linked data product that best supports research needs

AnalytiCare Research Services

AnalytiCare’s mission is to provide support and work closely with Researchers in providing the cleanest, richest, highest quality data with 100% Referential Integrity between all data sets.

While possessing deep analytical expertise, AnalytiCare also works with experts in the field to compliment their experience in developing and publishing the finest findings from the unique data of Long Term Care. AnalytiCare’s strategy is to remain data- and client-focused while partnering with researchers in the breadth of health research disciplines to produce distinctive manuscripts, presentations, posters and publishing:
  • Long Term Care / Managed Care / Skilled Nursing Facility Cohorts
  • Longitudinal Data
  • Cross Sectional Data
  • Health Economics
  • Health Outcomes
  • Resources Required to Provide Care
AnalytiCare is working with some of the most respected names in private and public research, producing a fast growing portfolio of publications based on the unique data and the extraordinary organization and usability of the AnalytiCare technology and interface.

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