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AnalytiCare Software as a Service
CFOs, clinicians, pharmacists and facility managers at every level who want to utilize their financial, clinical and pharmaceutical data to optimize the health of residents and facility operations leverage AnalytiCare services.

AnalytiCare specializes in providing powerful analytical services to customers in a Software as a Service model that requires no expensive hardware purchases, no software to install or maintain, no increase in staff to gain quantifiable value from the data, and an easy to use interface.
About Us

AnalytiCare Mission
AnalytiCare was founded with the mission of bringing advanced analytical and data services to Long Term Care Providers and the companies that serve them. To achieve this vision, AnalytiCare uniquely combines deep expertise in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical fields with techniques acquired through years of experience in data-driven technology sectors like Business Intelligence (BI), databases, data mining, data hygiene, and pattern recognition.

AnalytiCare Team
AnalytiCare is made up of highly skilled individuals with an average of 25 years of experience in Long Term Care, Pharmacy, Business Intelligence, analytics, technology and customer service.

AnalytiCare Insight
AnalytiCare uniquely combines and analyzes your MDS, Pharmacy Dispensing, Laboratory, Therapy, Point of Care and other data to reveal insights that provide innovative and actionable perspectives into care, outcomes, risk, business intelligence, and financial optimization. This information is delivered through secure processes on the web and places no additional burden on internal IT departments. (Requirements: IE, Firefox)

AnalytiCare Advantage
AnalytiCare provides powerful solutions, practical in their delivery yet unique in their knowledge and insight. Technology forward industries such as eCommerce, Retail, Banking and Telecommunications have spent large sums to develop advanced segmentation, optimization and data driven decision support. AnalytiCare brings the best of these technologies and experience to the Healthcare Market.

AnalytiCare Intelligence
AnalytiCare transforms customer data into superior intelligence, improving Resident care and enhancing financial performance.

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