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Who Uses AnalytiCare Services?
CFOs, Clinicians, Pharmacists, & Facility Managers at every level
AnalytiCare Software as a Service
CFOs, clinicians, pharmacists and facility managers at every level who want to utilize their financial, clinical and pharmaceutical data to optimize the health of residents and facility operations leverage AnalytiCare services.

AnalytiCare specializes in providing powerful analytical services to customers in a Software as a Service model that requires no expensive hardware purchases, no software to install or maintain, no increase in staff to gain quantifiable value from the data, and an easy to use interface.

AnalytiCare Products

AnalytiCare Insights Delivered in Easy to Understand Reports
AnalytiCare’s mission is to provide data and analytical products that deliver intelligence, insight and competitive advantage. To meet this goal most cost-effectively, AnalytiCare offers four distinct products mapped to the individual and comprehensive needs of AnalytiCare customers.

AnalytiCare Reporting - Standard Reports
AnalytiCare provides a choice of over 50 standard monthly or quarterly reports in the areas of pharmacy, risk management, clinical and financial data. The reports present key opportunities for savings, enhanced care, risk reduction and increased reimbursements for services rendered.

AnalytiCare Analysis Advantage - Customized Reporting
AnalytiCare’s ability to thoroughly examine the interaction of each element in any data set with every element in every other data set provides the unique ability to answer complex questions across one or multiple data sets. With this capability, AnalytiCare can provide extremely detailed and/or customized reports to answer complex issues giving AnalytiCare customers the Analysis Advantage.

AnalytiCare Client Driven Analysis - Custom Intelligence Delivered
AnalytiCare has developed unique technology that interrogates very large complex datasets providing instant discovery and analysis of data. Customers always have the option of following a hunch, pursuing a hypothesis or having AnalytiCare analysis reveal unexpected insights, sometimes even revealing answers to questions that went unasked.

AnalytiCare Monitoring Services – Review and Notification of Report Results
AnalytiCare recognizes that many customers have a full slate of tasks to perform and as such may not have the resources to respond to new findings. With this service option, AnalytiCare reviews report results, identifies corrective action, and notifies customer personnel of pending steps to resolution. This takes the burden off of the customer and allows them to reap the rewards that the reporting produces without adding to their workload.

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