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Most Comprehensive Data View of Seniors available today, delivering a real understanding of the Frail Elderly
AnalytiCare delivers the most comprehensive data view on the senior population available today

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AnalytiCare Pharmaceutical Services Data

AnalytiCare offers both Snapshot and Longitudinal data to provide insights for projects like the following:

Efficacy and Safety
  • Trend changes in patient demographics and special needs
  • Understanding the effects of pharmacy treatment on patient outcome
  • Understanding differences in co-morbidities
  • For similar outcomes, what are the treatments?
  • With similar patterns, what are the outcomes?
Review outcome options for similar demographics
  • Efficacy, patient satisfaction, cost, quality of life
Understand effects of non-pharmacy treatment on patient outcome
  • With similar treatments, why are the outcomes different?
  • Diet, therapy, environment and care all can play a role
Understand current patient needs based on demographics
  • Ethnicity, geography, age
  • Duration of therapy analysis
  • Average Daily Living (ADL) scores over time
  • Cognitive Performance Scale (CPS) scores
  • Resident length of stay analysis
  • Administration detail

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