long term care: benefits
Achieve a leading edge technology advantage today without adding any new IT resources
Why AnalytiCare is Different
AnalytiCare merges leading-edge Business Intelligence technology with clinical, pharmacy, risk management, and financial expertise to deliver intelligent insight to navigate through today’s complex LTC landscape - without adding IT resources.

AnalytiCare is NOT a “MDS Optimizer” telling you things to do to influence your RUGs score. Rather, AnalytiCare electronically reviews the care, treatments and values for Residents to make sure you are receiving the appropriate reimbursement for the accurate RUGs score

How AnalytiCare Delivers Information Powered Insights
AnalytiCare partners with each customer to discover intricate relationships between their MDS, Pharmacy, Laboratory and other datasets, then translates these findings into simple, specific, and actionable recommendations to meet business and clinical initiatives.

AnalytiCare Benefits

AnalytiCare spotlights provider Area of Expertise:
  • Confirms admissions are in sync with unique facility programs
  • Matches facility programs with treatment delivery to validate consistency of care
  • Identifies clinical results pointing to effective clinical practices

AnalytiCare Revenue Capture adds money to the bottom-line:
  • Recognizes treatments delivered but not coded on the MDS leading to increased RUG categorization
  • Identifies treatments that should be billed under Medicare Part B
  • Analyzes fluctuations in ADL scores that impact reimbursement rates
  • On average, $100 per bed in additional payment from look back billing in the first month
  • Ongoing, an additional $30 per bed per month in appropriate reimbursement

AnalytiCare Cost Avoidance identifies unnecessary expenses for proactive elimination:
  • Ensures services delivered at the most appropriate location by the appropriate providers
  • Removes duplicate or inappropriately extended treatments
  • Identifies most appropriate treatments combined with improved quality of care
  • Right-sizes inventory levels
  • Reduces intake of residents that do not fit with staffing mix

AnalytiCare Improved Quality of Care delivers better outcomes for residents:
  • Eliminates overlapping drugs by drug class – i.e. antipsychotics or antidepressants
  • Alerts when a drug has been given for longer than a recommended period of time
  • Identifies missing tests (e.g., diabetics without a recent HgbA1c or Warfarin treatment and no INR in the last 30 days)
  • Finds residents on treatments with no corresponding diagnosis, eliminating unnecessary invasive services.
  • Identifies the need for further evaluation due to unrecognized diagnosis (e.g., anemia identified based on lab result or medication dispensed)

AnalytiCare Improved Survey Scores and Increased Risk Management:
  • Proactively disseminates identified problems
  • Reports residents on medications associated with falls
  • Minimizes risk by eliminating over medication in similar classes - Inappropriate delivery
    ( e.g., anticoagulants to hemophiliac or abdominal bleeding residents)
  • Reduces potential for adverse events
  • Minimizes the rate of re-hospitalizations

AnalytiCare Improved Physician Communications:
  • Targets assistance to residents with identified conditions
  • Provides physician decision support notifications

AnalytiCare Improved Resident Satisfaction:
  • Better, faster, less invasive treatments
  • Implements evidence-based best practice protocols

AnalytiCare Improved Staff Satisfaction as a result of improved resident satisfaction

AnalytiCare Litigation Support with resident data:
  • Sophisticated analysis of actual care data and supporting, documented facts regarding alignment with appropriate protocols, industry averages and best practices

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