long term care
AnalytiCare uniquely combines data acquired through daily operations and care delivery systems to assist Long Term Care operations to improve effectiveness and profitability

AnalytiCare LTC Services
  • Helps you be who you are – better
  • Capture trends in admissions
  • Identify co-morbidities as they relate to specialty programs
  • Compare treatments to clinical results
These are a few examples of the evidence-based information delivered through AnalytiCare’s advanced analytical techniques, facilitating decision-making and enabling improved actions at the Long Term Care facility.

AnalytiCare Focuses on What You Do Best
AnalytiCare information-powered insights are used to monitor business goals and identify inconsistencies between expectations and results, enabling a facility to continuously improve while further validating the excellence of their unique programs within a community.

AnalytiCare Revenue Capture and Cost Avoidance Insights Produce Increased Profitability
AnalytiCare searches for inconsistencies across both internal and external datasets, finding services not previously recognized and identifying treatments inappropriate for the resident conditions.
  • Locate undocumented services for which there is corresponding reimbursement
  • Eliminate overlapping treatments
  • Identify residents receiving treatments without a supporting diagnosis
AnalytiCare Insights Improve Clinical Outcomes
AnalytiCare uses discovery toolsets to compare treatments and results on a longitudinal basis, simplifying the identification of successful service delivery for a complex population.
  • Understand the effects of pharmacy and non-pharmacy treatment on patient outcomes
  • Provide physician decision support assistance to find under-diagnosed conditions
  • Assist in root cause analysis during the Quality Assurance & Assessment process

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