pharma: business intel
AnalytiCare brings Business Intelligence to the Healthcare market to create competitive advantage
Technology forward industries like eCommerce, Retail, Banking and Telecommunications have developed and deployed Business Intelligence solutions to create unique advantages in very competitive sectors.

AnalytiCare brings the best of Business Intelligence technologies and experience to the Healthcare market in order to improve patient care, optimize operations and create competitive advantage.

Analyticare Business Intelligence Solutions

AnalytiCare Business Intelligence Solutions deliver real advantage by providing data-driven insights in the following areas:

Sales Positioning and Market Share Lift
  • Rank order of medications and market share by user selected parameters
  • Rank order physicians who prescribe brand vs. generic vs. competing medications
  • All fully within the laws and rules of the particular state
Territory, Demographic (sex, race, age), Co-morbidity, etc.
  • Territory reports on current status and effect of marketing programs
  • Order quantity and strength reports by "your choice"
  • Number of Lives that started on a product and stayed on a product while they changed payer types (Med A to Med D or Private)
Resident Profiling
  • Develop Patient Profile for different medications and treatments
  • Size resident cohort who have a diagnosis but do not have appropriate treatment
  • Compare resident cohort for adverse events in a therapeutic category
  • Assure medications match laboratory results (where available)

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