Data, Experience, Technology: AnalytiCare participates with Pharma by providing rich, complex, granular data, discovering unique Market insights, revealing Clinical Efficacy, supporting market studies, promotions and partnering with 3rd party experts

AnalytiCare Pharmaceutical Services

AnalytiCare can meet your needs in publishing, market intelligence, profiling and markets through the following services:

AnalytiCare Data Services
  • Data Extracts: granular, packaged, clean, with full documentation
  • Data Subscription: constant updates on a market, drug, market basket or specific Resident cohort for longitudinal and follow-up studies
AnalytiCare Data Service products can be delivered directly to you or to your designated trusted 3rd Party or Researcher.

AnalytiCare Project Services
  • Summary Snapshots of Data based on specific requirements
  • Longitudinal Deliverables for specific requirements with full statistics
  • Market studies and assays
AnalytiCare Business Intelligence Services
  • Reports and Dashboard Subscription Services delivered to your specifications through Custom Portals
  • Supporting Targeting, Campaign Management, Sales and Promotion
  • Sales and marketing support using powerful techniques such as Segmentation, Affinity Analysis, Propensity Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Discovery and Goal Seeking

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